Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter loving

Another Themed image, based on a discussion between Matthieu and I.
This week, we are doing sketches based on Love in winter, and more precisely, Love dates in winter.
My fist attempt. I might try it again as this is a subject I like a lot!
In the meant time...
Cheers, and have a GREAT week.



  1. C'est stylisé, l'ambiance hivernale est top et une mention spéciale pour l'attitude de la minette! J'adore! Le mien arrive Jeudi @_+

  2. Why did I not know about this blog?!?! It's like a whole other side of you that I've never seen!!! Very nice work my friend. Beautiful stuff.

  3. Hey Rawlsy!
    So good to see you here.
    This is a brand new blog. We just started in january.
    Spread the word, and come by at least once a week!

  4. Awesome stuff! I'm an illustrator from over in London, and i find your work really is the cats pyjamas!

  5. I am an illustrator from England. I would just like to comment on the wonderful atmosphere thes drawings have. I will be keeping a close eye on your blog. Looking good.