Monday, January 5, 2009

San Francisco, jan04 2009

GREAT one to start with Matthieu! Love the birds!

Second post of this new blog!

Welcome everybody.
Just a word of explanantion here....Matthieu and I have decided to do a blog together with the ultimate goal of publishing of book of collected images from the two of us.
We'll be posting sketches , illustrations, collaborations on this blog, at least once a week.

One of the goals is also to learn from one another...Hopefully, I'll get some of Matthieu's finesse and elegance in the process!

For now, here's MY fist post..and it's a little about how San Francisco looks today, from Dolores Park.


  1. 2008 ?

    Nice one Pascal, I love it!

    Bonne chance pour ce nouveau blogue

  2. Congratulations and félicitations to both of you!

    I didn't know Matthieu Forichon and his work but have been a (secret) admirer of you, Pascal, for quite some time now.
    Will follow your activities here and spread the word ;)

    Rock on !


  3. Hey , Thank you Cara!

    Ah..Matthieu.. oui.. une petite gaffe la.. je vais rectifier ca!