Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here's a great image that Matthieu and I did together, in a funny, uncharted way.
I drew the first guy, the one in the back sitting on the suitcase, Matthieu did the first girl, I did the second, he did the guy and the ground, I added the background and the foreground, and Matthieu finished it off with final touches.
What a fun fun experience this was!
What do you guys think?

Voici un bel exemple d'improvisation avec Matthieu.
On a fais cette image a quatre mains, sans savoir ou on allaient.
J'ai fais le premier bonhomme assis sur son sac, dans le fond, Matthieu a fais la premiere fille, moi la deuxieme, il a fais le sol et le type a droite, j'ai rajouter le decor et l'avant plan, et Matthieu a fais les touches finals qui rendent l'image si uniforme.
Une experience vraiment super!
Qu'en pensez vous?


  1. I love it! Keep it up. This has a very cinematic feel to it. The color palette works well.

  2. C'est tout simplement PASSIONNANT de vous voir faire.


  3. Beautiful!! Wonderful lighting ... and great story moment ... the anticipation of the begining of an adventure!! THat's the BEST!!

  4. Colabs like this are always fun... and it turned out great!! Nice work fellas!

  5. Marvelous!.....keep up the collaborations. This one is a beauty on so many levels.

  6. You guys are wonderful together; like Dupuy & Berberian-- I can't tell where one of you starts and the other one stops.


  7. Superb collaboration here. You compliment one another, its great!