Friday, February 20, 2009


Pascal David and Goliath

Matthieu Ariane, son fil, Thesee et le Minotaure

Cette semaine, avec MAtthieu, on s'est donne le theme" Mythologie Moderne", dans lequel on a chacun pris un mythe et on l'a redessine dans un contexte moderne!

This week, we took the theme of Modern Mythology, for which we each chose a myth and redrew it in a "today's" setting.

For next week, we'd love for you guys to suggest a theme for us!
Pour la semaine prochaine, on aimerait bien que vous nous proposiez un theme!


  1. Nice works guys. I really enjoy the themed drawings. As for a theme, I have always loved Steampunk stuff... just a thought.

    Have you guys considered starting a forum? Could join in on the themes, start your own Drawer Geeks.

  2. this is great! as for the theme...perhaps dance?

  3. FANTASTIC! what you guys have done so far. I suggest "Iron Foundry"

  4. J'aime beaucoup l'idée :)… et la réalisation

  5. Pascal's is amazing. You've captured the rawness of the fight with the simplistic form and monotonous color. Love it.