Friday, August 14, 2009

Holidays (2/2)

The second part of "Holidays" Just imagine your own story and put it on the comments!
Now, I take 3 weeks for MY Holidays :) But I'm a good student and I have done my three pics for the next posts. Pascal will put them on Scribiling!
Have a great day and see you next ^_^

Voila la deuxième image. Imaginez votre histoire et postez la dans les commentaires! Je pars pour 3 semaines mais ai fait mes 3 images que Pascal postera prochainement. Bon vent à tous ^_^


  1. Peut etre qu'elle recoit un coup de fil et qu'elle cherche dans sa poche le portable.
    C'est la fille de l'image precedente qui l'appelle et lui dis.. t'est ou la? je t'attends soeurette!

  2. Or maybe they spent the night together secretly. It was so passionate that, even before the sun rises, she feels the need to talk to him again... 'cause he forgot his contact solution at her place.

    Beautiful no matter what the actual story is. Which would be interesting to know actually. Care to share? Or are you leaving it a mistery?